About me

Hi, My name is Abdul Mtoro III, There is not much to say about myself but i could spare a word or two. Am driven by many things that people burns their brains to make. I love complex stuffs because they make a human brain more alive and bring us to one step closer to the "Other side"..Duh! Cut the crap man!..I love spending time behind a monitor with keyboard doing some pretty cool stuffs. And by cool means really cool stuffs! like playing "card game".

But seriously, am taking a degree in information Technology in some institute so i have a lot of time spending with a computer and small amount of time to socialize. In addition to that, I actually fell in love with it [The Computer]. But i think it is for the best in the future. Year that's right, the Future. Here is what skills i earned up until now.

Indie Games Development
3D modeling
Web Design
Motion Graphics
3D Animation

This is me

I really appreciate what they are teaching at the institute, but you have to know that they teach you the basics, so you need to grab yourself and improvise yourself because in IT, the trend can really bail you out if you do not upgrade yourself. You know what am saying? no?

Softwares that i'm using.

  • Blender - a free open-source animation tool loaded with cool features.
  • Zbrush - a digital sculpting package for 3D sculpting
  • Unity - Game development engine for both 2D and 3D games.
  • AfterFX - VFX, video compositing and motion graphics package
  • Krita - free digital painting tool for sketches and concept arts.
  • Photoshop - Image editing software mostly i use it for post-pro and design.

"As no man can walk from his own story, i don't expect to run from it"