It is one of the best renders that i've ever made from scratch. This standlamp was inspired by an online photo that i used as a reference image. I actually used blender software that i started learning a year ago thanks for online tutorials.

LowPoly Cave

Using some techniques on how to use proportional editing on a mesh, i was able to come up with the idea of making low poly's using that hack. E voila! The actual model was imported into my sandbox game that i'm currently developing.


Ain't modelling a cool thing? This artwork was inspired by some pencil sketch i found on google. After modelling i exported an OBJ file then imported into 3D coat. A cool 3D digital painting software and applied some shaders on it's surface.

Some Advice

Look, if you are interested on becoming someone useful the place to start looking for knowledge other than some expensive colleges or online courses i recommend you to start cheap and the great place for you is Youtube. Pick your tool grab your tutor and you are good to go.


It is my unfinished project that i'm working on in blender.

Heimer's Stone

Some render that i made after having a glimpse on how to use those simple deform modifiers and how to use in-built compositor in blender.
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That's right, the ornament of the blackfinger, a man with full desire to fix cars, to boost em' and all. This artwork was about a prize that should be dedicated to the legendary blackfingers of gas town. #sick!

Arkan V

The character Art inspired by sci-fi films that i'm really interested to work with such projects. May be in a movie or a video game that may need such characters. I'm in.

sealed treasure

Volumetric lights really blows my mind like wow. i spent some time wondering how to make volumetric lights in blender, Now adding to the texturing of the model and final integration looks pretty cool to me. But still way to go then.


I'm always fascinated by light materials. I've some sort of wierd connection with them.

Grinder's Armor

Free hand Texture painting is awesome.